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With a multi-Industry exposure, we have been at the helm of a number of innovations We have heralded a whole new era of change that focuses on cost effective operations for enhancing the profitability of the industries.

We have been able to tap into a number of resources that has helped us source only the very best quality products and alloys for steel mills and other related industries.

The various ores and alloys sourced by Indiano Ferro are molded into innovative technologies and processes for products and infrastructure that future generation can enjoy. Located in the upcoming epicenter of manufacturing prowess, Indiano Ferro finds its homes in Pune, Hong Kong, China and Dubai.

Value addition with reduced cost of steel production is one of our main focus areas as we emphasize on research and technological development.


Smarter Alloys to wards Superior Yield. Minerals delivered Smartly.

To bring in a culture of integrity and seamless delivery with high quality deliverables for steel and allied industries.

With Indiano Ferro, we have placed an emphasis on creating room for better productivity for the plants and mills whom we supply to. Our goal is to support the processes that create final products got be used by people at home, at work and when they step out for entertainment. In doing so, we ensure that we stick to a cost effective approach that will propel innovation and enhance industrial strength.

Value addition with reduced cost of steel production is one of our main focus areas as we emphasize on research and technological development.


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Value Propositions

Indiano Ferro’s pillars of success and value proposition to the clients in based upon the 6 Pillars.

Research – Base Product Quality and Continuous improvement in the processing of the final product development.

Excellence – Every Product undergoes a thorough Quality Check before approaching the market. Every process is defined and standardized.

Logistics – Supply Chain Management at Indiano Ferro is World class.

Reach – Whether it is sourcing or delivery, we leave no stones unturned to reach you wherever you are.

Certification - Indiano Ferro is also an ISO certified establishment that supports the work of steel and allied industries.

Association – We firmly believe and associate ourselves with the Top suppliers and Buyers.

Why Us?

Indiano Ferro’s delivers ‘Value Proposition’ to its clients. The Key elements of Business drive are enumerated.

Our Expertise – We not only source the raw material for you. We use our technical expertise to process, add value and deliver a superior product. Our Plants in Bhubaneswar (For Low Carbon Ferro Chrome) and Vizag (For Synthetic Flourspar & Aluminium Oxide) are the latest facilities to add value to the Product lines.

Improving Yield – We offer differentiated products and standardization of Quality leading to improved yield and lower cost of Production.

Optimization – Our offering ensures that the production efficiency goes up and makes it more ‘Cost efficient’.

Sustainable Solutions – Our focus on sustainable solution offering makes us a preferred supplier for ‘long-term’ and mutually beneficial business building.

Logistics – Warehousing facilities at strategic locations makes us a preferred vendor since we reduce the TAT for our customers and bring more efficiency through reduced Inventory.

JIT & VMI – We operate with you to manage and keep Inventory at our locations and ensure ‘Just in Time’ deliveries.

We have our Warehouses strategically located at Mumbai, Vizag, Kolkata, Pune and Hospet provide us with the delivery of the JIT & VMI Services to our valued clients.




Synthetic Fluorspar

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

Calcine Dolomite

Calcined Lime

Ferro Molybdenum





Mr. K L Bajaj

Managing Director

Mr K. L. Bajaj comes with an experience of more than two decades in the Steel and Alloys industry.

He an experienced player when it comes to International Business across various countries at various Leadership positions. Communication Skill, Business Development, Sourcing Strategy, Product/Process Innovation and Customer Solutions are his forte.

Mr. Anurag More


MR. Anurag More is a Procurement leader with 15 plus years of experience, having managed Procurement Operations (P2P), Supplier relationship management, Client Services Procurement, Contracts, Global Sourcing, analytics, Procurement system design and implementation management across various organizations. His insights into Supply Change Management makes us an expert in delivering Customer Delight!

Mr. Utpal Gulati

Technical Director

With an Industry experience of more than 3 decades, Mr Utpal Gulati is the guiding force behind the Innovative Technologies to add value to the Product lines to bring about the Performance Enhancement for our clients. He is an expert in Thermal & Low Carbon Footprint.

Mr. Navin More

Head - Accounts & Finance

A qualified CA and CS, Mr Navin More brings the elements of Compliance, Audit and Financial discipline to the Board of the Organization. With a vast experience across International Taxation,15 CB Certification & Compliance of CBCR Rules, he has been at the forefront of evolving the company into being an Organization that pro – actively looks into the policies and rediscovers the products as per the Industry requirement of the future. He has professional competence in STPI related compliance.




Indiano Ferro has a widespread footprint in many countries with an emphasis on Asia. The large variation of metals and substances that we provide ensures that we are a part of almost every step in the steel and other manufacturing cycles, which makes it crucial for us to source materials from the very best sources that can complete at a global level.

This also keeps our activities sustainable since the transport footprint and cost are reduced to a great degree and we use local talent in order to contribute to the local economy. This also helps us create jobs in these economies and within our own country where these materials finally find their home.

Our Subsidiaries

Indiano Chrome Pvt Ltd

R K Global Flux

Indiano Global LLC

Hence, you can find that we often source our materials from mines and resources or quarries around Korea, Taiwan, India, China and Oman where rich reservoirs of material are to be found.

Korea Taiwan China Thailand India Dubai Middle East Turkey


Registered Office

Indiano Ferro Ltd.,
3rd Floor, Marvel Fuego,
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Pune - 411013 Maharashtra India.


Tel: 020 29997872

Mob: +91 8961495395

Korea Taiwan China Thailand India Dubai Middle East Turkey


The mineral Fluorite is commercially known as Fluorspar, and it is a naturally occurring one that can be mined in various parts of the world. The main uses of Fluorspar can be seen in steel and allied industries especially in the production of enamel and glass products.

When you look through telescopes and microscopes, you are basically looking through a glass lens that has been produced with Fluorspar. This is just one of many examples of this highly efficient substance which can be found in heavy deposits across 9,000 regions of the world.

Uses of Fluorspar :-



Healthcare equipment





Cement production

Major Regions: Production and Consumption

Found Majorly

Fluorspar can be found majorly in Mexico, China and even South Africa. Mongolia is also one of the regions where this substance can be found and mined for various uses across the world. As a matter of fact, nearly 8 million tonnes of fluorspar is mined every single year from all these regions, combined.

Consumption Of Fluorspar

When it comes to consumption of fluorspar, we can see that the major region consuming the same includes North America, with China and Europe following closely thanks to all the equipment that is usually in demand in these regions. Russia is also a major consumer of this product.


With an approximate growth of 3% in demand, you can expect this substance to bring in earnings to the tune of a few billion dollars at least. We have tapped into sources like China which is at par with Mexico when it comes to producing at least 80% of the worlds fluorspar reserves. With advanced technology, we support surface and underground mining as well, for the production of this substance.


Synthetic Fluorspar

Less material consumption with high purity - that is the combination that most steel and other metal manufacturers often keep an eye on. With our brand of synthetic fluorspar, you can be sure of attaining both objectives in your manufacturing process.

WSynthetic Fluorspar is a special formulation that creates a better and higher performant flux as compared to Fluorspar, which makes it quite handy when it comes to eliminating or bringing down heavy material consumption in the overall manufacturing process. The Indiano range of synthetic fluorspar also offer higher viscosity and better desulphurization which goes a long way in protecting your refractories and according them with a longer lifeline for long term and beneficial production activities.

With Indiano’s products, you can be sure that your refractories will churn out products with lower silica content and a creamier version of slag. This happens due to the lower melting point that we have managed to attain with the synthetic fluorspar that we create.

This is also safer as the Indiano range of products is created without the use of hazardous materials, which makes the production and use of Synthetic Fluorspar that much more sustainable and safer. The large particle size that we have managed to attain with our synthetic fluorspar is also suitable for converting fluoride bearing liquids into products that can compete with natural grape acid fluorspar.

You can be sure of better and more innovative slag conditioners when you use the Indiano range of synthetic fluorspar products. With its cost effective outlook, you will get the benefit of savings and faster solutions for efficient desulphurization.


Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

The addition of this substance to steel is what helps retain a healthy carbon status in the latter. This is done when the percentage of chromium needs to be adjusted to a suitable degree without letting the same affect the level of carbon in steel. Why do we need such a chemical balance in steel? Well, a number of reasons are all we can say!

To begin with, this supports welding activities and helps support stick electrodes even as it helps in the production of carbon ferro chrome powder. When this is in the form of lumps, it can be converted into the said powder form by grinding the same or putting it through the power packed rigors of a mill or even sieving, in many cases. This alloy usually ends up boasting of a 0.03 to 0.10% of carbon - which is quite a feat when done right!

Steel production without the right variation of carbon can be quite detrimental for whatever it is being used for. In keeping with this simple chemical principle, we ensure that we source the right low carbon ferro chrome from various producers around the world.

The optimum physical qualities and the chemical balance of this substance help in the production of steel and foundry products. It can also be used in a number and variety of super alloys, which again, makes tan ideal substance for welding and speciality based melting activities. Put quite simply, this makes steel malleable yet sturdy in an optimum manner.

The uses include :-

Melting and Welding Activities

Rod Manufacturing


Steel and Foundry products


Steel Mills

Major Regions: Production and Consumption


While the consumers of this product can be found all around the world, owing to the fact that welding and other such activities happen all over the world for a number of purposes; the production of this substance happens abundantly in many regions

Found Majorly

This substance can be found abundantly in regions like Russia, Brazil, Germany, China and even Central Asian locations like Kazakhstan. Our endeavor is to always turn to some of the largest and best producers of high quality Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, like China and nearby regions so that we can support the work of still mills and other manufacturers who need this substance for super allow based activities.

Manganese Ore

Did you know that Manganese is a substance that is silvery and brittle, very much like iron to look at, but much more easy when it comes to oxidisation? This colourful substance can be used to rendered colours to a number of products and is quite a superstar in the world of alloys. Let’s find out why!

The creation of large amounts of energy that can be released by some substances to be captured by the molecules of other substances is an important process that helps in manufacturing and production activities. Manganese ore supports this process with its status as a transition metal or substance that can be found in tandem with a number of others like iron, silicon and aluminum. This is what makes it a rather sought after substance when it comes to the manufacture of steel.


Calcined Dolomite

In the steel industry, there are a number of activities that go into the successful production of steel. Apart from melting and welding, there are activities like purifying which comes at the far end of the entire cycle. In order to carry out this activity, one requires a substance known as Calcine Dolomite.

Further, when the production of steel happens and when it is cast into a specific shape or a product, there is something called a refractory lining that is accorded to the steel. This is the due protection that is given to the steel so that the shell of the steel may be well protected from all the heavy duty activities and furnace that it is put through. Calcine Dolomite helps in keeping this shell safe and secure through this entire process.

Uses of Calcine Dolomite :

Steel Industry

Purification in steel production process

Refractory linings

Major Regions: Production and Consumption

Production of Calcine Dolomite

The production of Calcine Dolomite happens near the quarries around the UAE and many other such regions of the world. Typically, the rock beds that carry large amounts of Dolomite can be found in all regions of the world and we are mindful of producing only the best from nearby regions like China, Middle East and others so as to reduce the cost and bring out the sustainability angle when we transport it back to the steel mills and mills that require the substance.

Consumption of Calcine Dolomite

The consumption of Calcine Dolomite happens all over the world for a number of steel mills having mag, Dolomite and Mag refractories along with other industries.


Calcined Lime

Calcined Lime is nothing but Lime that has reached an oxidized state thanks to the treatment of the same at temperatures of 900 degrees celsius and going above 1100 degree celsius as well. The calcination of limestone at such high temperatures comes in handy within a number of industries and is conducive for a number of metals and the products that they are finally cast into.

To begin with, the purification of metals is one of the most important processes within the overall activity of metal making. The use of calcium oxide is necessary so as to forge and cast the metal by modifying its composition. There are three distinct uses and activities carried out with Calcined Lime, which go a long way in creating such metals and the products that come from them.

Slag Formation:

In the steel making cycle, there are a number of waste products that get attached to the end product. This is what is typically known as slag formation as the slag tends to accumulate the waste products in the steel making process. Calcined Lime is known to be able to remove this slag so that you are left with shining and gleaming reams of steel. In this process, the high temperatures that are attained also help in protecting the steel from other gases in the atmosphere which may tamper with its overall quality, including nitrogen.

Removal of Phosphorous:

The start point of the steel making process is connected with iron ore and scrap metal which are generally used to kick start the entire manufacturing cycle. While this is a requirement, it can also render major damage to the very quality of steel that is finally produced. In order to maintain the overall ductility of steel and keep the quality levels high, Calcined Lime is used to extract the phosphorous that tends to get attached to the steel in this process, which maintains the ductility of steel.

Removal of Sulphur:

The attachment of sulphur to steel in the process of creating the said steel can actually make the end product thinner and of very low quality. The application of Calcined Lime helps in keeping the strength of the steel intact so that it does not become fragile or fall prey to cracks. It does so by removing all traces of Sulphur from the steel.

Primary and Secondary steel:

Primary and Secondary steel making can benefit greatly from the application of Calcined Lime as can be seen from the purification based activities above. The purification process using Calcined Lime can be used in an optimum way to gain a metal with varying levels of composition depending on what the end result is.


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Cement production

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Major Regions: Production and Consumption

Production of Calcined Lime

The production of Calcined Lime happens mainly around the port regions like the Gulf of New Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and the Pacific Islands. The deposits of limestone found in such regions are beneficial for the production of Calcined Lime.

Consumption Of Calcined Lime

The consumption of this substance happens worldwide wherever there is steel being produced and manufactured - be it primary or secondary.


Ferro Molybdenum

When you hold a steel, iron or any other metal object in your hand, what is it that instantly strikes you? The hard and toughened body is what captures our attention from the get go. In fact, when we have to think of something tough and ready to withstand wear and tear, we instantly think of iron and steel. Hence the sayings - tough as steel; heavy as iron.

So have you ever stopped to wonder where this hardness or this tough quality comes from? Ferro Molybdenum is where steel gets its hardness and its tough composition. Even when we speak of iron, Ferro Molybdenum is used to strengthen and toughen this metal to a point where it is transformed in terms of quality and composition. Chemically, Ferro Molybdenum causes austenite to transform into pearlite or bainite that contributes to the hard and tough quality of iron.

The corrosion resistant quality of steel is also rendered by the application of Ferro Molybdenum within the steel making process. This is something that we must remember when we use steel utensils for the simple reason that they do not gather rust or corrode in a hurry!

Uses of Ferro Molybdenum:

Chemical Plants


Heat Exchange Units

Manufacture of Ship Propellors


Production of Pumps

Power Generators

Production of Oil Refining Equipment

Turbine Tuber Production

Lining Acid Storage Containers

Defense Equipment

Iron and Steel Mills

Major Regions: Production and Consumption

Found Majorly

The major production of this rather useful substance happens in Iran, Europe, India and China. The consumers of this substance can be found the world over for the production of iron and steel. It is most heavily used in Asia, USA and Europe.