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Leading the Way in Alloy Manufacturing

At Indiano Chrome, we constantly strive to manufacture the highest quality LC Ferro and allied products that meet the needs of industries and businesses worldwide. With several years of experience in the industry, we have established a position of honor and credibility in the Asian, European & American markets. We intend to offer the promise of quality to clients across the globe.

We always try to serve the best service.

35+ Years Of Experience


Setting Benchmark Standards Since 2020

Our first unit; Indiano Chrome Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL) nestled in the eastern state of Odisha was established in 2020. Odisha was a thought-through destination since it is a massive repository of natural resources. "ICPL" is one of the leading Indian producers of LC Ferro Chrome with an installed capacity of 12,000 TPA. We take the first step towards setting benchmark standards in quality by sourcing our materials from the most authentic and genuine chrome and allied metal distributors.

With international footprints across Europe and Asia, we embrace a customer-centric approach to manufacturing that amplifies our core values like Trust, Transparency, and Integrity.

Amalgamating Sanctity Into Our Business

We seek sanctitude and virtuous guidance from lord Tirupati Balaji and embrace his values across our business verticals. Our logo also symbolizes the saintliness of lord Balaji while incorporating the agile essence of our LC Ferro manufacturing sphere through vibrant colors like blue and orange. Our work culture stems from our core values like transparency, customer-centricity, business ethic, quality, time, innovation, sustainability, and honesty.

Made Locally, Sold Globally.

Driven by a dedicated team of industry experts and professionals in the chrome manufacturing space, Indiano Ferro is equipped with top technology interventions to cater to the ever-growing demand for LC Ferro Chrome all over the world. We aim to provide a more advanced alternative to imported LC Chrome and thereby strengthen the "Make In India" movement.


Our Esteemed Portfolio is a Testament to our Exceptional Service and Quality

Sprawling across industries, we’ve worked with some of the most reputed companies in the world, providing them with world-class chrome materials and impeccable service.